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Feilong: Independent and Controllable Information Systems, Assuring Information Security of Office Environment


The independent product of Inspur- Feilong general desktop computer DS3010 has been successfully applied in the field of military office. The product has controllable office automation system, which ensures information security and promotes independence of national military information equipments.

As information technology is applied into every field of social life, information gradually becomes a key factor of national development and a dimension of national sovereignty. “Snowden Incident” exposes various loopholes and risks of our national information field, and independence and completeness of the information area is being infringed. Building a strong information area to ensure the national information sovereignty is a significant challenge with which the national development is faced. Independence is the premise of security, national information strategic security should starts from making the information system independent and controllable.

Based on research results of the national “Core electronic device, high-end chip and basic software product”major special programs, Inspur has successfully developed a series of computer equipment based on several domestic processors, and builds a whole series of independent product line based on domestic key software and hardware. In October 2013, Inspur became the first one in the industry to launch“Feilong”, which provides independent controllable platform of military computing for the information system of our army.

In 2014, through analyzing the application requirements from the clients in detail, in implementing domestication and replacement of military office system, Inspur designs the Feilong DS3010 office desktop system for the users, which have been supplied in series. The characteristics of the system are as follows:

Completely independent office system, meeting the requirements of domestication and replacement

The main hardware of the system is all series of domesticated products, and highly domesticating. The core processors adopt the Shen Wei brand, the internal storage are DDR3 series products of Inspur Huaxin, and both the network chip and external storage use domestic products. Therefore the domesticating degree of the product ranks in the top in the industry, which meets the related requirements of military industry. The system software adopts the CLP Kunlun firmware and the NeoKylin desktop operating system as the core, combining with military office software ofZhongbiao, which forms a whole solution for manufacturing domestic software.

Giving full play of the performance of the software and the hardware, enabling the users to experience smoothly

The users’ daily work involves processing large amount of data, so the work has high requirements for the data processing ability of the hardware platform.

Helping the users with cross-platform migration, dismissing the users’ worries

Currently, most of the users of military industry use the Windows operating system as the office system, and business software is developed on the platform, but among domestic operating systems NeoKylin uses the reinforced Linux kernel. Therefore, during the process of domesticating and replacing, there will be inevitable problems of cross-platform migration of software. In order to dismiss the users’ worries, the Inspur development group provides timely and efficient technical support by helping the users analyze the characteristics of the software, and makes further development based on the domestic products. Through the two parties’ cooperation and efforts, cross-platform migration of the application software has finally been realized.

Based on the product of Feilong DS3010, Inspur provides the users with the whole set domestic independent office solution, and helps the users to realize domestication and replacement of office automation system. The users said that the system is stable and reliable, and is highly domesticated, which meets the requirements of independent and controllable development strategy of our country. Meanwhile, the program makes everyone really understand what independent products are and have a better understanding of the exact implementing steps of domestication and replacement, which sets a good example among the office systems of some department.

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