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Jin’gang of Inspur: Escort for Liftoff of New Aircraft


Inspur’s Jin’gang portable computer is applied to test and maintain the equipment system, and canrealize rapid test, parameter change and trouble removal of technical states of the body, which effectively prevents troubles and improves reliability of the flight.

The high integrated manufacturing technology of modern aircraft enables hundreds of control systems to display on several computer screens, and can detect and maintainsoftware through computers. The development of integrated manufacturing technology directly improves modes and methods of field maintenance. To improve modes and methods of field maintenance, the clients develop a system for testing and maintaining equipment. The system regards the very much portable notebook as the core control platform.

Our country has a vast land withhigh-temperature and sand blowing dessert and frozen and snow-covered plateau. Due to the hostile wildenvironment and many unpredictable environmental factors such as changing temperature and rain or snow, the whole set system for field test and maintenance must possess characteristics of high resistance to shock, high and low temperature, and humidity and the equipment should be water-proof and dust-proof. Meanwhile, during information warfare, computer as the core information system is the key goal of the enemy, so the system also must possess the characteristic of highly reliable EMC protective performance.

Faced with difficult situations during configuring system, Inspur, with many years of technology accumulation and experience of information system configuration, combining unique reinforce technology of military computing platform, works out a solution for testing and maintaining applications of the equipment system.The solution regards Jin’gang portable computer as the core control platform, which satisfies usage requirements.

The temperature difference of outdoor environment between day and night is great. During summer days, the airstrip is exposed under the burning sun and surrounded by the heat. The ground temperature is generally over 40 degrees Centigrade, and the number is over 50 degrees Centigrade at noon. However, during winter days, the temperature ranges from -20 degrees Centigrade to -25 degrees Centigrade. Jin’gang portable computer can work well under the low temperature of -40 degrees Centigrade and the high temperature of +60 degrees Centigrade, which is suitable for the extreme cold of the northern area and the extreme hot and humid of the southern area.

The field maintenance work involves wide area, and includes various types. An aircraft relates to many types of work and many contents. Many people work at the same time and every minute counts in maintenance work during warfare.Although the work is well underway, there are inevitable accidents, such as unintentional falls,hit,etc. Jin’gang portable computer is strong, and has no damage after falling from the height of 1 meter. “The 3-level shock absorbing technology” further ensures that the machine can work well underhigh vibrating and shocking environment when the machine is on-board, ship-based, airborne, and in the outdoors.

The field maintenance work often suffers sudden heavy rain, snow, or strong sandstorms. Jin’gang portable computer of Inspur adopts special sealing design, which prevents sand, dust, and salt fog particles from getting into the body. The technology of seamless connection and the design of labyrinth mode protect the machine from rainwater, which ensures that the machine can work steadily and efficiently under rain and snow, and sand dust weather.

Quantities of electronic components and other electronic equipments for maintenance work on board create around the body complex electromagnetic environment, which interferes with the machine’s work. Inspur, with combination of the technology of source suppression, containment and filtering, improves the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment, which makes sure that the machine at work will neither be disturbed nor will interfere with other equipments, and can work well.

Jin’gang portable computer of Inspur, as the core equipment of “the test and maintenance equipment system”, satisfies the clients’ requirements for environment adaptability, improves the reliability of the hardware platform, and provides safety assurance for the system to complete test and maintenance.

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