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Coping with challenges in today's business environment, companies seek ways to reduce costs while improving quality to remain competitive. Companies outsource projects after evaluating outsourcing vendors based on their skills and experience. Through strategic outsourcing arrangements, companies achieve operational efficiencies in software development and legacy systems maintenance.

IT Outsourcing

1.ERP, PLM, SCM, CRM and mobile communication and other major systems
2.E-commerce system (B2B, B2C, and Web hosting)
3.Embedded system
4.Industrial design services (machines and cars)
5.Educational training system (virtual classroom and online training)
6.Enterprise information service system (MIS and etc.)


Software Outsourcing Development

1.Development of ERP, PLM, SCM, CRM and mobile communication and major business system
2.E-commerce (B2B, B2C, Web Hosting and etc.)
3.CAD/CAE/CAM in aviation and aerospace, car, shipbuilding, general machinery and other professional fields
4.Educational courseware


Import of Advanced Technologies and Products and Market Promotion

1.American EDS company – solution to product life cycle management
2.Indian Nucleus – Finnone financial software


User Professional Customization Overseas Software Talent Cultivation

1.Cultivate international professional talents catering for development of Japanese software
2.Cultivate international professional talents catering for development of European and American software


Inspur Outsourcing Industries

Banking/Financial Services


1. Standard development operation administration standard and administration standard

Inspur forms a complete and practical project development operation standard and management standard based on different developing model (waterfall model and rapid prototyping method) and development technology method combining oversea project development and administration features. The integration operation process integrates enterprise’s operation, development, service and support into a complete coordinated whole, and carries out standard adjustment according to the project feature and customer requirement, which establishes solid foundation for the success of the project.


2. Rich developing experience and standard software component

Based on years of software development practice, Inspur has accumulated rich developing experience and mainstream developing technology standard software widget library in broad fields. In order to meet the demand of oversea customers, Inspur actively acquires new developing technology of object-oriented analysis, design method and mainstream developing tools. It has the software developing capacity covering the whole process from proposal, analysis, design, development, testing to maintenance. Inspur fully leverages developing experience and mature, stable standard software components to provide customers with quality and short-term software developing service.


3. High project administration capability

As most of the outsourcing project development is of short developing cycle, single liaison window, rapidly-changing customer demand and customer’s unified requirement for operation project/developing standard, we have to identify customer’s demand and establish smooth communication mechanism with customer. The software development should be based on mutual developing operation standard and administration standard so as to achieve success. The development department and project team are organized based on key customer/field category, efficient and flexible developing mechanism has been established, and project administration is based on project development administration standard. Therefore, Inspur can deliver software that satisfies customer’s demand in time and within the budget, so as to realize the win-win situation.


4. Perfect quality management mechanism

In line with the notion that “quality is the life of software”, Inspur establishes strict quality management mechanism under the CMM3 framework, which strengthens developer’s awareness of quality and quality plan, control, and assessment over each phase of the software project. Specialized quality engineer follows the development and management situation and carries out quantities examination of the quality during the whole project. The internal project acceptance mechanism is also adopted, so as to ensure the quality of the product delivered to customers.


Inspur Outsourcing Technology Capability

Development environment and tools
Inspur PC, server, SUN server, IBM server
Operating system:
Oracle 8i/9i,MS SQL Server,Sybase,DB2
Oracle 9i AS,IBM WebSphere,BEA WebLogic,Apache/Tomcat,IIS5.0
Developing language:
JAVA,VB,.NET,PB,VC/VC++,Pro*C,Oracle Developer,PL/SQL etc.
Developing tool:
JBuilder,JDeveloper,Visual Age,JCreator,Project2000,RATIONALROSE(Use case,UML)


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