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Media Cloud Solution

The Inspur Home Cloud is a very clever product featuring Gateway, Terminal and Applications for the home. This platform gives the entire family a common platform for connecting to the internet as well as television services devices such as tablets, smartphones and big screen Televisions. It has the SARFT certification to prove it.

Media Cloud Solutions
Successful Case
[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's HD set-top box solutions, Taiwan CATV operators continue to accelerate the process of TV digitization shifting. Meanwhile, they have achieved the multi-screen service without changing the existing platform deplo...
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[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's digital TV solution, Vietnam Viettel Group gains the ability of hardware and software integration to provide comprehensive cable operation services, thus stepping forward towards the largest digital TV operator.
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[Introduction] After the 4K channel land in Shandong CATV Enjoy HD Museum, it can provide digital TV audiences with ultra HD experiences felt as clear and true as on the scene. And this solution is provided and designed by Inspur.
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[Introduction] Faced with the crossover competition and increasingly accelerated industrial integration, GUOAN realizes that it must embrace internet and open up a new way of OTT content with the features of radio and TV if GUOAN wishes to complete i...
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