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X86 Server

Inspur developed China’s first server in 1993, and has remained a leading company since then. Inspur has occupied the largest market share for 18 years and ranked the fifth in international server market in 2013.

With the continuous development of technology and deepening knowledge of customer demand, we have made significant progress in independent research and development.

The range of Inspur Yingxin generic server includes both low-end and high-end products, satisfying all individualized needs of users.

Our superior service and technical skills have gained universal popularity among customers. We will continue to provide professional services to various sectors of the nation.

X86 Server Product Line

Inspur Yingxin rack servers are designed with full consideration of density, performance, efficacy and scalability. Therefore they are always ideal choices for enterprises to set up their data centers. Yingxin rack servers have variety of models and highly flexible configurations and can satisfy different needs for processing capacity and storage capacity.


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