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Overview of “AI Official Vehicles Supervision”

As the means of transportation for official travel by the government and enterprises institutions, official vehicles play an important role. Official vehicles bring convenient, quick and efficient processing of official matters, but the management of official vehicles is increasingly problematic. Due to the restriction of traditional management methods, vehicles can not be effectively supervised, resulting in high operation cost of vehicles and widespread private use and misuse of official vehicles, which not only increase the operation cost of the government and enterprises institutions, but also have adverse social impact on the government and enterprises institutions.

Therefore, it is especially necessary to establish a system that is capable of real-time monitoring and dispatching and unified management of official vehicles. Official vehicle management system uses GPS or Beidou Navigation Satellite System to monitor official vehicles comprehensively, clearly know the position of and show the task state of official vehicle on electronic map in real time, store information about cost record and violation of official vehicles in central database, enrich management concept, enhance informatization level of functional department, and strengthen management of vehicles and people.

Inspur vehicle management information system uses cutting-edge technologies, including cloud computing, internet of things, GIS geographic information technology and GPS/ Beidou global satellite positioning, etc., with consideration to the characteristics of vehicle use by government and enterprises institutions, in order to realize scientific, normative, visual, transparent and intelligent management of all vehicles of government and enterprises institutions.

By establishing official vehicle monitoring and management system, the following goals can be achieved:

Electronic management of official vehicles;

Improved official vehicle usage efficiency;

Detailed travel report for follow-up reference;

Avoidance of private use and misuse of official vehicle, and improved image of government and enterprises and public institution;

Normative management to effectively control the cost of official vehicles.