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Set up in Inspur cloud computing center, the whole vehicle management information system integrates advanced technical concepts, such as internet of things, cloud computing, mobile communication, Beidou satellite positioning, etc. Through the powerful TSP data processing platform as well as asset management module, expense management module, operation management module, supervision management module and statistic statement module in vehicle management, a series of functions including dynamic supervision and static management of vehicles can be realized. The system obtains static and dynamic data of vehicles in real time through vehicular terminal and manages vehicles accordingly, and the data is uploaded to vehicle management data platform through VPN wireless network and then processed accordingly, in order to provide corresponding vehicle management service.


The system architecture is a technical framework based on the combination of cloud computing and internet of things , which applies advanced technology of Inspur TSP platform, utilizes component protocol design model, facilitates dynamic protocol expansion, independent of upper application, follows unified interface standard, and supports access of multiple terminals and multiple protocols. The platform applies big data processing mechanism, together with technical design of main memory database, relational database and distributed database, in order to satisfy differentiated storage of different data, increase data processing speed of the platform, and reach mega scale terminal access level.

Topological graph of the System:




The aforementioned network involves system topological graph the system deploys in Inspur cloud computing center. Real-time vehicle operation data is obtained by installing BDS/ GPS compatible vehicular terminal on vehicles to be managed, and then uploaded to vehicle management information system deployed in Inspur cloud computing center through VPN. Each unit user manages vehicles under its administration by its own account password, while any other user shall not be entitled to check the information about any vehicle beyond its administration.