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The taxi is equipped with GPS/BDS vehicular terminal, and 2G/3G wireless network of the operator is used to upload position data and unloaded /reload information of the taxi in real time. The uploaded information is analyzed and processed by background software in real time, and compared with the position information uploaded through the passenger’s cell-phone, in order to work out the information of the nearest unloaded taxi. The list of unloaded taxis is fed back to the passenger’s cell-phone through mobile Internet, and the passenger chooses one unloaded taxi, calls the taxi driver and establishes communication with the taxi, in order to assist both parties to reach taking and loading intention. In order to achieve the goal of normative operation and supervision, the system will record all the conversation between the passenger and the driver. Currently, "AI Call-Taxi" cell-phone client software is provided with two editions— Android edition and IOS edition, and passengers can download and install the edition corresponding to the operating system of his/her own cell-phone.