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Overview of "AI Call-Taxi"

  "AI Call-Taxi" self-service taxi calling system is mobile phone software of self-service taxi calling jointly developed by Inspur and the Passenger Management Center of Jinan Transportation Bureau. Different from other third party self-service taxi calling platforms in China, the system is operated under the supervision and normalization of the government, relies on GPS data of taxis in Jinan and the network of Jinan Company of China Mobile, uses advanced technologies of Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things, and covers 8043 taxis in central downtown of Jinan. The development and use of self-service taxi calling provides a new way of calling taxi, and it and manual calling system with phone number 96576 used by Passenger Management Center form two-path calling pattern, effectively relieving the problem of difficulty in citizen taking a taxi and high unloaded ratio of taxi at present.

Inspur "AI Call-Taxi" system opens a new way for citizens to take a taxi, enhancing the informatization level of public service to a certain extent. With flexible architecture and open interface design, Inspur "AI Call-Taxi" system can be transplanted to other cities conveniently. Currently, Inspur has reached intention of cooperation with multiple cities, including Dezhou and Linyi, to develop and operate "AI Call-Taxi" system. Inspur "AI Call-Taxi" self-service taxi calling service system expands emerging information service industry, helping enhancing the informatization level of public service, promoting information consumption, and expanding domestic demand.