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Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group
Sun Pishu

Practicality Makes Success, Innovation Leads to the Future

Inspur (“Langchao” in Chinese, meaning “wave”) brand was named after the book “The Third Wave” published by the U.S. futurist Alwin Toffler in 1980. In 1983, we independently developed the first PC and named it “Inspur” in the hope of helping intensify the strengths of billows and waves of China’s informatization.

In fact, Inspur didn’t engage in electronic information industry first from making PC. As early as 1969, Shandong Electronic Equipment Plant started to produce and research the low-frequency high-power electron tubes and computer peripheral devices. We have accumulated solid technologies and experiences in this industry for over 30 years, during which time Inspur has become one of the most influential IT enterprises in China. As three key rules, practicability, innovation, as well as quick response and accurate execution guided Inspur to quickly develop and helped Inspur become the mainstay in IT industry during this period.

The open PC system completely changed people’s life in 20 years, while the Internet is promoting revolution of lifestyle at an unprecedented speed. Both of them have common features, namely compatibility and openness. The latest technological achievements can transform to the industry in the most convenient manner for promotion and popularization, which is just the spirit essence of modern IT and is the practicability spirit understood by us. This spirit is guiding Inspur in product planning, R&D, market promotion and management and ensures us to correctly advance in the direction required by users.

Innovation is embodied in every aspect from IT foundational technology R&D to specific applications. “One unique technology” cannot “work all the time”. Without innovative technologies and ideas in the rapidly developing IT industry, a company will fall into a dangerous situation. Inspur has stably developed along the innovative idea during the 30-year IT industry development course.

Quickness is another rule. Regardless of value creation speed for users or operation management within an enterprise, quick response should be the key to success all the time. Executive ability is also required. The workflow is an important guarantee for accurate execution. With quick response and accurate execution, we can easily deal with the rapidly changing external environment, and vivacious ideas can be continuously generated.

Informatization has changed and will continue changing people’s life. Inspur has promoted the social development with informatization for over 30 years. Inspur will continue to forge ahead along this road. We deeply recognize the responsibilities this brand carries, which are not simply from users and shareholders, but more importantly, are obligatory to the whole society for Inspur.