InCloud Manager

A cloud-based data center management platform dedicated to private clouds and hybrid clouds. It offers an open and secure solution for the maintenance and management of enterprise-level cloud data centers.

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Unified management of heterogeneous resources to create a comprehensive ecology

Major x86 server support and unified management of heterogeneous virtualization software such as Inspur InCloud Sphere/Vmware vSphere/ICKS/IBM PowerVM.

Support for high-efficiency operations

Software load balancing and hardware load balancing support; flexible addition and modification of approval nodes; order history traceability and real-time reminders for each approval stage.

Multi-region multiple data center management for high-efficiency coordination

Coordinated management and highly-efficient maintenance and management of dispersed remote data centers; application and data protection support for multiple data centers protects operations and data; a single data center can manage 5000+ servers, 2000+ virtual machines, 10000+ users, and 1000+ organizations.

InCloud Manager