IBF Integration of Business and Finance


Inspur IBF Integration of Business and Finance Portfolio

• Include products and solutions of network cost management, enterprise-level cost management, expense audit, smart travel, etc.

• Integrate business activities with finance expense to control cost, reduce risk and optimize management.

Background introduction:

In this context of global digital transformation, the change in telecom industry is not only happening in the technical and business fields, but also in the fields of finance and management.

On the one hand, telecom operators and service providers are facing the increasing pressures for the slowdown growth and increased expenses, and urgently need to improve service quality, reduce cost and enhance efficiency. On the other hand, the development of cutting-edge technology such as cloud, big data, AI, IoT and mobile internet are promoting the transformation process in finance and management fields.

Take financial personnel as an example, it is critical for financial personnel to release from the low-efficiency and low-value repetitive works (such as handle transaction business and prepare report), and turn to conduct high-efficiency, high-value-added management control and decision support work.

Solution introduction:

Inspur makes full use of our advantages and experience in telecom operation support and enterprise management, integrates telecom business data and finance data, builds an enterprise-level cost management platform to help truly reduce costs, increase quality and efficiency.

Inspur iOSS IBF solution

Network cost management

• Focus on network-related costs such as expense of network maintenance, network infrastructure rental, building, network service, electricity and vehicle, manage the whole process covering budget, project approval, contract signing, execution, accounting, reimbursement and post-evaluation

• Integrate multiple internal production systems, correlate with accurate network resource and network management data (such as alarm data), utilize big data technology, and provide multi-dimensional cost audit analysis, benchmarking analysis and cost-benefit analysis to finally realize refined cost management and rick control

Enterprise-level cost management platform

• Focus on different cost types (e.g. network cost, market cost, management cost, and comprehensive cost) and build closed-loop full-process cost management system across different departments of enterprise

• Provide visual cost view, cost management, intelligent analysis and rick control for finance and management staff and facilitate, and help reduce cost, enhance efficiency and realize high-quality and effective sustainable development

Expense audit solution

• Analyze key process nodes and rick points of business process and expense process and provide integrated audit solution covering audit workflow, tools and services to conduct special audit and verification on related data and factors

One-stop smart travel platform

• Provide one-stop business travel and expense reimbursement management covering the end-to-end whole process from travel request submit, approval, hotel and travel ticket booking, to travel expense reimbursement ticket submit, approval, audit and final account.

One-stop smart travel management

One-stop smart travel management from end to end

Solution Highlight

• Build new management mode of deep business and finance integration

Break down the barriers among different departments and completely correlate business activity, business process, contract and financial expense, budget usage together to comprehensively and accurately support business operation and enterprise management

• Focus on key scenario and really reduce costs and improve efficiency

Focus on key costs such as network cost and market cost, provide end-to-end cost management, expense audit, expense benchmark, budget tracking and risk control to realize cost reduction and efficiency improvement

• New technical means lead upgrade of efficiency and productivity

Technologies like big data, AI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), image recognition, intelligent Q&A, OCR and neural network have been applied to support tools and routine works which result in great upgrade of overall efficiency and productivity

Application of RPA and OCR

Application of RPA and OCR in integration of business and finance

The client's return:

• Visual cost view in enterprise level

• Refined specific cost control by correlation with actual business activities

• Effective cost reduction and quality improvement

• Optimized management based on both finance and business support

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