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Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series V3.0

It is designed as a high-density, modular, low-power and easily maintainable product that is applicable for the critical applications that have high standards and requirements on computing, storage and communication.

Functional Features

1, Product positioning

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series V3.0 is a server cabinet solution for the could computing data center and customized for the new-type data center in the cloud computing era. Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series  is designed as a high-density, modular, low-power and easily maintainable product and applicable for critical applications that have high standards and requirements on computing, storage and communication.

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR Series  has a cabinet-type centralized power supply mode. No independent power supply is needed at a single node and the power conversion efficiency from less than 80% to over 94%; centralized fan wall radiation mode with smart fan speed adjustment is adopted to substantially increase the general radiating efficiency of the cabinet; centralized management mode is adopted to increase operating and maintenance efficiency and reduce the complexity of management; the product substantially reduces the total ownership costs of the client.

2, Target users

Internet, government, enterprise, telecommunication and university sectors; applicable for multipurpose and multi-environment self-constructed machine rooms; works as web access server, email server, database server, video-on-demand server and other applications and also IDC/ISP/ICP/ASP and internet and data service provider applications.

3, Design idea

High density, lower power consumption and low cost

Optimize equipment TCO, increase IT investment-output efficiency; single-node cost is equivalent to that of the rack servers of the same grade.

Centralized power supply and centralized heat radiation design; reduce system radiation power consumption and reduce user's operational maintenance costs as far as possible while increasing power supply conversion efficiency.

Fast deployment and easy management

Integrated delivery saves rack deployment time.

Pre-maintenance design, centralized management of 80 nodes, simplified management work and increased operational maintenance efficiency.

Innovative modular design and rapid platform upgrading

All accessory boards and cards and structural members have a modular design and support standard generic motherboard; can support various types of standard motherboards on the Intel platform and simplify platform upgrading and development, hence further reducing product costs.

Integrated design of software and hardware to satisfy the development needs of cloud computing

RMC centralized management unit works with Inspur Cloud Computing Operating System to provide one full set of cloud computing data center solution to the user.

Technical Specifications

General Index Descriptions

Physical size

L*D*H=600mm*1200*2100mm (excluding castor height)

Input voltage

Dual-circuit 220V city power supply

Output voltage


Rated power


Loading capacity

Cabinet weight: 300KG; maximum weight 1000KG at full load

Node unit

Support high-density computing nodes and high-capacity storage nodes

Power supply unit

6*2400W platinum power supply modules as the standard configuration to form 3+3 dual-circuit redundant power supply

Radiation unit

4 sets of fan walls (including 36 smart replaceable fans); support 8+1 redundancy

Management unit

 RMC management system

Support Inspur In-Cloud OS1.0 (functions to be determined to client’s  needs)

Switch unit

Optional 1U multi-interface switch

Structural mode: support pre-maintenance of switch

Working environment

Satisfy air cooling machine room design standards; rack entry temperature is lower than 27℃

Computing node descriptions

Node 1

High-density computational nodes; cabinet supports 80 comput nodes

Support 2*Intel @Xeon@ processors E5-2400; support 12DIMM; support 2*2.5” SATA/SSD hot-plug hard disks

Node 2

High-density storage nodes; cabinet supports 40 storage nodes

Support 2*Intel ®Xeon™ processor E5-2400 series; support 12DIMM; support 8*3.5” SATA non-hot-plug hard disks

User Manual


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