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Join us at ISC2021 Digital !

Welcome to Inspur's ISC 2021 Digital event from June 24 to July 2. ISC 2021 Digital is the largest exhibition and conference in Europe for high performance computing, networking, storage, data analytics and AI/machine learning. We sincerely invite all of you to join us to explore Inspur's AI & HPC innovations for the future data center and experience our inspiring speeches.

Xudong Zhang
Senior Engineer of Network Information Center
Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour


  • DATE
  • Thursday, 24 June
  • Friday, 25 June
  • Tuesday, 29 June
    3:45pm (CET)
  • Activities
  • Virtual Booth Showcase
  • Inspur Leading AI Product Launch
  • 27th HPC Connection Workshop Digital
  • Use-Case Presentation
    ——Inspur Liquid Cooling System Boosts Scientific Innovation for iHarbour

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Product Showcase

Powerful AI&HPC Computing Platform

As world’s leading AI computing provider, Inspur offers a broad range of cutting-edge computing platforms to empower some of the most challenging AI supercomputing tasks the world facing today.


Leading configurations, topology switching with one key

The NF5468M6 can be loaded with 2 Intel 3rd generation Xeon SP processors and up to 8 A100/A30 or 16 A10 GPUs in 4U space, which is widely used in AI public cloud and enterprise AI cloud platform, video AI and other scenarios, responding flexibly to the performance tuning needs of different AI application scenarios.

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Excellent performance output, excellent eco-adaptation

The NF5468A5 supports the most current AI computing technologies and provides superior performance output, continuing Inspur's high-quality and highly compatible design with a mature ecosystem that provides professional AI customers around the world with a powerful and reliable infrastructure support.

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Excellent versatility, exceptional reliability

NF5280M6 is a 2U dual-socket high-end flagship rackmount server, featured with robust computing performance and ultimate compatibility and scalability. Meeting the configuration requirements of various industries, it is suitable for data analysis and processing, distributed storage in deep learning training, etc.

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2U-4Node liquid cooled server optimized for high density data center and HPC

i24LM6 is suitable for a wide variety of compute-intensive workloads including HPC, high-performance data analytics and more.

  • Extreme Performance: Support 4x 2-socket compute nodes in 2U, 8x Intel Ice Lake processors, industry's highest density
  • Highly-Efficient Liquid Cooling: Warm water cooling covering CPU, DIMM and VR,heat emission efficiency up to 80%,PUE≤1.1
  • Flexible Development: Unique Air/Liquid Cooling CDU solution helps to quickly deploy liquid cooling without upgrading original facilities.
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Groundbreaking OAI UBB System

  • World’s first OAM AI system that supports different types of ASIC Mezz Card from multiple manufacturers
  • 21-inch rack-scale OAM solution providing scale up with simplified inter-module communication, scale out with high-speed input/output bandwidth
  • Disparate network architectures supported through OAM direct connect, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and manageability
  • Features two OCP interconnect topologies: Hybrid Cube Mesh (HCM), Fully Connected (FC)


Distributed Storage defined by capacity on demand, performance on demand and service on demand

  • Convergent architecture: Provide five storage services including File, Object, Block, Bigdata and Database, and supports multiple sharing protocols such as NAS / S3 / Swift / iSCSI / private protocol
  • Excellent Performance System: Lots of software improve performance by 300%  such as object aggregation, global read-write cache, storage pooling separation, multi-channel acceleration, AIOPS etc.
  • Superior Reliability Cluster: Support multiple data redundancy protection mechanisms, such as replication and erasure code. The rebuild speed is up to 4TB/h, and the overall reliability of the system is 99.9999%
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Brand-new all flash arrays with excellent performance and reliable latency for corporate-level application.

  • Excellent Performance: flash memory-dedicated design to release the full potential of SSD, linear scalability to 16 controllers, more than 8million IOPS for random write, latency less than 0.5ms.
  • Excellent Efficiency: max. 15T per SSD to improve storage density, intelligent and distributed RAID, real-time online compression supports 80% (5:1) data reduction capacity.
  • Superior Reliability: Gateway-free storage InMetro, the reliability of the system is 99.9999%.
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Industry 1st FPGA Accelerator Card with On-Chip HBM2

Machine learning, AI computing and high density computing are the most focused areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Inspur F37X is Industry’s first FPGA with on-chip HBM2. It is designed to unlock compute power for applications such as data analytics, high performance computing, AI inference applications, and more. With unprecedented memory bandwidth of 460GB/s, it makes FPGA deployment and acceleration easier than ever.

  • Deliver 28.1 TOPS@INT8 of superior performance with low latency in full-height half-length form factor
  • Feature 8GB integrated on-chip HBM2, offering 460GB/s of ultra-bandwidth
  • Support C/C++, OpenCL & RTL, enabling flexible development and migration of AI algorithms and applications
  • Accelerate AI applications including AI inference, video transcoding, image recognition, natural language processing, genome sequencing analysis and more
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Extreme Density FPGA Accelerator Card

Built on Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA internals, the Inspur F10A is designed to accelerate a range of applications, including big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, video transcoding, high performance computing, genomics and more. With breakthrough performance and power efficiency, it delivers real-time insight from cloud to the edge.

  • Powered by Intel Arria10 chip, deliver 1.366 TFLOPS of superb performance with low latency
  • Support OpenCL framework, dramatically drive AI development efficiency with mature ecosystem
  • Ideal for compute-intensive applications like AI inferencing, data compression,image encoding, video transcoding, and more
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High-Density VPU Accelerator

M10A is Inspur's new generation high-density VPU(Video Processing Unit) accelerator for full-scenario video AI processing applications, which supports 16ch 1080P@30fps real time video codec with 8W ultra-low power consumption, and supports the powerful H.265 video encoding algorithms, which doubles the network bandwidth utilization, and reduces the CPU workload as low as 2%. M10A can fully support the leading multimedia framework FFMPEG realizing almost zero migration cost from current system.

  • Support 2ch 4K@60fps/16ch 1080@30fps real time codec.
  • Support H.264, H.265, VP9, encoding better than x265 medium.
  • Full coverage of video scenarios such as live, short video, video conferencing, cloud gaming etc.
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AI&HPC Management Platform

Based on its diverse experiences in AI and HPC, Inspur offers a series of agile management tools, powering AI HPC applications from development to production.


Agile AI Development Platform

    Inspur AIStation is designed to provide complete AI development software stack, unified management of AI computing resources and simplified shift of AI models from development to production. It has been adopted by a wide range of industries users, accelerating AI transformation.

    Key Features:

  • Unified Management of Computing Resources and Flexible Scheduling
  • Shared Data Under Unified Management and Speedup for System Cache
  • Efficient AI Model Development and Production Process
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Efficient HPC Cluster Management Tool

    Inspur ClusterEngine offers integrated management of HPC clusters, including hardware monitoring, job scheduling, HPC and Bid Data applications management and so on. It has been widely adopted to improve resource utilization of the entire HPC system within one overview dashboard.

    Key Features:

  • Integrated Management of Four Modules
  • Holistic Visualization of Cluster
  • Deep Integration of Big Data and HPC Applications
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AI Application Profiling and Performance Tuning Tool

    Inspur T-Eye is management tool used to analyze AI applications performance features of hardware and system resources running on GPU clusters, revealing running features, hotspots and bottlenecks of these applications.

    Key Features:

  • Runtime Performance Monitoring
  • Identify Critical Index with Radar Chart
  • Comparison Analysis to Facilitate Optimization
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