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Inspur HF5500 Key data high performance application scenarios meet the multiple requirements such as increasing performance, ensuring security and expanding capacity. Inspur Solid State Storage makes full use of the media characteristics of SSD while optimizing data read and write performance and incorporating enterprise-level software features to provide optimal performance density and capacity density that exceed the needs of most medium- and large-sized users for mission-critical business environments. Inspur SSD is able to provide perfect support for core database business applications, server and desktop virtualization architectures, and message collaboration environments. It is the foundation of a proven and reliable IT convergence architecture and supports Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Oracle, SAP, CISCO, OpenStack and other application scenarios, and is the most efficient storage system in the storage industry.

Краткое описание продукта:

Product feature

  Optimization of the underlying architecture of flash system

  1.  Inspur HF5500 flash array adopts innovative "sequential data write architecture" to organize and aggregate the front-end data blocks with different sizes and write them into the back-end storage media in an orderly manner instead of in a random way, thus achieving high performance for the system.

  2.  Use large capacity SSDs for data storage, increase capacity density and utilize hashed RAIDs to provide Fast reconstruction which wouldn’t hurt performance and capacity.

  Unified storage

  3.  Unified SAN+NAS: provide Block and File services in the same storage system to simplify data center architecture, reduce O&M costs and flexibly respond to different business needs.

  4.  Unification of multiple protocols: support multiple protocols such as iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, which can meet the storage requirement of databases, file sharing, cloud computing and other applications.

  Advanced architecture

  1.  Active-Active architecture: Inspur HF5500 flash array adopts industry-leading active-active storage architecture which realizes load balancing among controller modules (CM), eliminates performance bottlenecks of the controller, improves availability of the system and ensures service continuity.

  2.  Scale-Out architecture: Inspur HF5500 flash array supports on-line scale out and is able to support up to 8 CMs and TB-level cache, which enables a linear growth in customer storage resources and meets the changing business needs of customers.

  3.  Storage HA: Inspur HF5500 flash array adopts a design with full redundant architecture, fully module, redundant cache and Active-Active CM. There are no single point failure with its major components. It supports on-line hardware capacity expansion, on-line firmware upgrades, on-line system maintenance, and data protection for abnormal power-down.

  Rich software functionality

  1.  Thin provisioning: the allocation of storage resources is no longer limited by storage space; instead, the resources are allocated on demand, which reduces initial cost and greatly improves utilization of storage resource.

  2.  Local copy: local copy includes three kinds of local data protection, volume snapshot, volume backup and volume mirror, which is able to meet demand on testing, development, analysis and backup, while effectively saving storage space and reducing investment costs.

  3.  Volume mirror: create a mirror for the volume mapped to the host and save two identical copies of data in two storage pools respectively, so that application IO access will not be interrupted when any copy of the data is corrupt.

  4.  QoS: according to different requirements of different applications for IO performance, manage read and write performance of volume, and make distribution on demand to meet the performance requirements of different applications.

  5.  On-line compression: industry leading function of real-time on line hardware compression. Advanced compression algorithm brings a higher compression ratio (up to 5:1), and imposes no impact on storage performance.

  6.  Heterogeneous virtualization: take over the third-party storage resources through its own storage heterogeneous virtualization technology to form a unified virtual resource pool, and support data protection, data migration and other services between different storages.

  7.  Disaster tolerance replication: provide three types of disaster tolerance replication, which are synchronous replication, asynchronous replication and asynchronous periodic replication; Protect business continuity, and offer customers a solution with three centers in two sites.

  8.  InMetro: Inspur HF5500 flash array provides active-active solution which achieves the objective of RTO=0 and RPO=0, zero data loss, zero service interruption.


Application scheme

  Business-critical applications in a physical or virtualized architecture

  Scheme overview:

  Oracle DBMS or Orion Validation, Over 550,000 IOPS, 8KB, 1ms latency.

  Over 550,000 IOPS, 4KB, 0.5ms latency in VMware server virtualization environment.

  MS Exchange, more than 100,000 mailboxes intensive access, storage efficiency exceeding 130%.

  Customer Value:

   •        Excellent high-performance support platform for OLTP, DSS, server virtualization scenarios, especially suitable for high IOPS and write latency sensitive


       •        Affordable replication disaster recovery cost provides better data protection in data backup and recovery scenarios.

  •        Better support for development testing and deployment verification environment.

  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI

  Scheme overview: Single-host, which supports 180,000 VDI virtual desktops.

  Customer Value:

  •       High virtual desktop density per rack

  •       Rapid resource allocation

  •       Provide very quick system response even in peak IO hours.

  •       Reduce the risk of large-scale system deployment

  •       Linear performance and storage space expansion capabilities




Controller module


Control enclosure specifications


System cache

Support up to 2TB

Supported storage protocols


Front-end port types

16Gb FC, 8Gb FC, 10Gb FCoE, 1/10Gb Ethernet

Number of hard drives/dual control


Expansion drawer specifications


RAID level


Advanced software functionality

Snapshot, Mirror, Clone, Volume Backup, Thin provisioning, Qos, NAS, active-active, Real-time compression, auto-tiering, Remote copy, Cloud backup, Data migration, Storage virtualization


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