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Inspur HF5000 Key data high-performance application scenarios have multiple requirements including improved performance, security, and expanded capacity. Inspur’s solid storage makes full use of SSD’s features by optimizing data read and write performance and integrating corporate-level software features, providing the highest performance and capacity density and exceeding most large and medium-sized data users’ expectations for key business environment.

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Optimized underlying architecture of flash system

  The key innovation of Inspur’s solid storage is SSD cache optimization algorithm and revolutionary sequentialized data write architecture. The solid storage strikes a perfect balance between performance and capacity, which enables it to be a leading solution in the industry. Its advantages can be seen from the following points:

  1. Sort out and converge data blocks of different size for front-end application, and write them into back-end storage medium in a certain sequence as a whole. This changes randomness to sequentialization, which then realizes the best performance with a single host without relying on more hard disks or SSD.

  2. The hybrid storage uses SSD buffer zone to accelerate data access. Intelligent heat instrument technology is adopted to improve the hit rate, thus accelerating the access speed and shortening delay.

  3. Achieve data storage by using large-capacity hard disks/SSDs, increasing the capacity density. The system uses hashed RAID to adopt three-layer authentication to prevent data corruption in case of failures of three disks, providing loss-free performance and quick capacity reconstruction.

       Super performance

  Provide the best performance density and price/performance ratio in the industry, outperforming most full-solid storage products in performance and access delay.

  Realize the best performance with a single host with full-solid storage providing random access performance as high as 350,000 IOPS and hybrid storage 150,000 IPOS, or several GB sequentialized access bandwidth. It can support several thousand VDIs running at high speed and several tens of thousand MS Exchange performing routine access operations, with the access delay controlled within 1 ms. It also supports 8-controller cluster expansion mode with linear system performance optimized to as high as 1400,000 IOPS and 600,000 IOPS, respectively.

       Super space efficiency

  Support rapid and efficient online data re-deleting, online global data compressing, and thin-provisioned configuration, saving space by 2 to 5 times without harming the performance.

  On the premise of super performance, the hybrid storage 3U rack can provide 100 TB valid space. In cluster mode, the available system capacity can reach 3.2 PB. The full-solid storage 4U rack can provide over 184 TB capacity. In cluster mode, the system can provide PB-level full-solid storage space.

       Multi-layer data protection

  Design for highly available storage scenarios in high-performance environments. The performance is not influenced by storage controller switch.

  Tolerate concurrent failure of three disks in a single RAID group. Optimize the reconstruction algorithm to dramatically raise the reconstruction speed. Provide quick snapshot and recovery, data clone, data disaster tolerance and replication, storage cluster data disaster tolerance and replication, virtualization scenario data, and other functions. Deliver a secure, reliable, and high-performance flash storage data protection solution with no need for additional hardware or software.

       Multi-dimension scale-out

  Scale-out cluster supports storage cluster mode. Users can scale out system capacity and performance without interruption.

  Scale out performance upwards to obtain wider access bandwidth, better IOPS performance, and shorter access delay. Users can scale out controllers and flash drives online without stopping services.

  Scale out space downwards. Users can scale out system capacity without stopping services by adding additional disk capacity expansion enclore.

       Easy to manage

  Simplify storage space allocation process and provide intuitive user interface, automation tools, and common virtualization management tools in the industry.

  Use configuration templates to determine appropriate performance and data protection configurations to decrease requirements for manual optimization.



  Key business application in physical or virtualized architecture

  Description: Oracle DBMS or Orion has verified that the IOPS exceeds 15,000, 100% write capability, 8KB, and 0.5 ms delay.

  VMware server virtualized environment: ≥150,000 IOPS, 100% write, 4KB, 0.2 ms delay

  MS Exchange: access to over 30,000 email addresses concurrently, storage efficiency≥130%


  Value to customers:

  Excellent supporting platform for OLTP, DSS, and server virtualization scenario with high performance, especially applicable to environments highly sensitive to IOPS and write delay

  Affordable replication disaster tolerance cost, and better data protection during data backup and recovery

  Better support for development testing and deployment verification environments


  Description: A single host can support 5,000 VDIs.


Value to customers:

     High VDI density in each rack

     Quick resource allocation

     High response speed in peak IO phase

     Reduced risks for large-scale system deployment

     Linear performance and storage space expansion capability




product HF5000-H HF5000-F
Controller 2-8 2-8
cache 48GB/88GB 96GB/176GB
Single host IOPS 150,000 350,000
Host specifications 3U16 4U48
SSD cache 1.2TB to 7.68TB
Host storage capacity 12TB-72TB 11TB-184TB
Host port

A maximum of ports supported by a single host:

Twelve Gb host ports

Or eight 10 Gb host ports

Or sixteen 16Gb FC host ports

A maximum of ports supported by a single host:

Twelve Gb host ports

Or eight 10 Gb host ports

Or eight 16Gb FC host ports

JBOD Six 3U16 One 4U48
Advanced functions Copy, clone, online data re-deleting, online data compressing, SSD cache acceleration, thin-provisioned configuration, remote replication disaster tolerance, QoS
VMware support "VMWare vSphere VAAI-BLOCK, VMWare VASA, lVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager(SRM), VMware vSphere APIs for Virtual Volume (vVols), Vmware vCenter Plug-ins "
NAS functions

A maximum of 16NAS controllers, supporting NAS storage functions including CIFS, NFS, FTP, and HTTP

For a single controller:

Standard: 32 GB cache; maximum: 192 GB

Supporting Gb, 10 Gb, and IB host ports

Global namespace, single name space (a maximum of 1PB), maximum system capacity: 12PB


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