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Product Highlights

The distributed storage system of Inspur provides the best choice with high cost performance, high scalability and high reliability for business decision makers.AS13000 G5provides the unified software definition solution for the file storage, object storage and block storage based on the concept of software definition and hardware reconfiguration ,to build a mass storage system with the capacity expansion on demand, performance supply on demand and service definition on demand.AS13000G5 reaches the highest level of same grade products in the industry in terms of the function, reliability and usability by means of its professional storage operating system, excellent hardware platform (AS13000-M12 (2U12 disk)), AS13000-M36 (4U36 disk), AS13000-M25 (2U25 disk) ,AS13000-E36(4U36 ,one-way) ,AS13000-M72(4U72)and AS13000-Rack (42U whole cabinet)),abundant host interfaces (1GE, 10GE,25GE,40GE and InfiniBand 56GE/100GE), strong storage protocol supporting (NFS, CIFS, Swift/S3 ,HDFS and iSCSI) and intelligent and intuitive management software.

Furthermore, the system supports up to 5,120 nodes extension, EB level mass storage space, tens of millions of IOPS and 100GB bandwidth and reliable automatic data recovery mechanism, to meet the storage requirements for the data center cloud and enterprise digital definition on-demand, and it is widely used in weather forecasting, security monitoring, radio and television media, finance, telecommunication, education, scientific research and biological medicine industries, we had 239 nodes with 70PB deployed in a single cluster at the customer site.

Key Features

●Quota management: The quota is the limit to the available space allocated to the storage system.

●Global unified namespace: The global namespace provides a valid global unique directory tree for all clients of the file system.

●File self-provisioning: The file self-provisioning is also referred to as the Thin Provision technology. Its core idea is to cheat the operating system, and make use of the characteristics that the host will not check all spaces byte by byte, and the storage space allocated to the host will not instantly be written fully, to turn the traditional full supply into the supply on demand.

●WORM: support the WORM function setting for the CIFS share directory, and this WORM function is used for the CIFS client only.

●Access audit: Perform the access audit function under the NFS and CIFS access protocol. The access audit is developed on basis of high security requirements and features the high reliability.

●Multimodal classification: Make use of the solid state disk (SSD) and the plain disk to build the different data access patterns-oriented data storage layer, to implement the definable read/write acceleration for different applications flexibly.

●Cache QoS: Implement the file level read/write cache control, to ensure the performance of the single video, implement the constant and controllable video application performance with low delay, and ensure the quality of video application service effectively.

●Accidental deletion protection of recycle bin: prevent the accidental deletion and recover the data. The recycle bin can store the files deleted by users temporarily, to prevent them from accidental deletion by users, and guarantee the user data security and the ease of use.

●Online increase storage capacity by adding drives to existing nodes or adding additional nodes to existing cluster,online remove existing node from a cluster without impacting storage service.


Type of nodes AS13000-M12 AS13000-M36 AS13000-M25 AS13000-E36 AS13000-M72 AS13000-Rack
(2U12) (4U36) (2U25) 4U36 4U72 (42U)
R&D capability
Independent R&D Distributed storage system with independent intellectual property rights
Network External shared network: 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb/40Gb Ethernet or 40Gb/56Gb/100Gb InfiniBand
Internal switched network: 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb/40Gb Ethernet or 40Gb/56Gb/100Gb InfiniBand
System architecture Fully symmetric distributed architecture
Scalability Node: 3~5120 nodes,Capacity:36TB~5160PB
Data redundancy protection Erasure coding(N+1,N+2,N+3,N+4), Copy(2-8 copies)
Data recovery Data recovery rate up to 2TB/h
The larger the system, the faster the reconstruction
Height 2U 4U 2U 4U 4U 42U(32U of storage space)
Size W(width)447mm; H(height)87mm; D(depth)779.8mm W(width)482.4mm; H(height)174.4mm; D(depth)818.7mm W(width)447mm; H(height)87mm; D(depth)779.8mm W(width)664mm; H(height)173mm; D(depth)733mm W(width)448mm; H(height)175mm; D(depth)898mm 42U in total: size of 1U 1200mm(L)×600mm(W)×46.5mm(H)
Power Supply AC: 90 ~ 264V,or DC:200V-300V, 1 + 1 power supply redundancy AC: 100~ 240V, DC:240V
1 + 1 power supply redundancy
AC: 90 ~ 264V,or DC:200V-300V, 1 + 1 power supply redundancy AC: 100~ 240V, DC:240V
1 + 1 power supply redundancy
AC:100~240V,or 240V HVDC:240V, 1 + 1 power supply redundancy 5+5 power supply redundancy,2500W each power
CPU 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX 2×Intel  4(5,6,8)XXXX
Memory 32GB (recommended) 96GB (recommended) 96GB (recommended) 96GB (recommended) 128GB (recommended) 16Dimm DDR4, can be expanded to up to 512G
Power failure protection memory 16GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM 16GB NVDIMM
Hard disk of the operation system 2 SAS/SATA 2.5”  (RAID1) 2 SAS/SATA 2.5”  (RAID1) 2 SAS/SATA 2.5”  (RAID1) 2 SAS/SATA 2.5”  (RAID1) 2 SAS/SATA 2.5”  (RAID1) 2 SAS/SATA 3.5/2.5”  (RAID1)
Supported hard disk types SSD, SAS, SATA
Weight  Gross weight: 39 kg (full configuration of 12 disk positions). (Gross weight includes: Host + packing-case + rail + accessory box) Gross weight: 67kg (full configuration of 36 disk positions). (Gross weight includes: Host + packing-case + rail + accessory box) Gross weight: 36.5kg (full configuration of 25 disk positions). (Gross weight includes: Host + packing-case + rail + accessory box) Gross weight: 63kg (full configuration of 36 disk positions). (Gross weight includes: Host + packing-case + rail + accessory box) Gross weight: 120kg (full configuration of 72 disk positions). (Gross weight includes: Host + packing-case + rail + accessory box) Nodes: 27.25Kg(including 3.5” hard disk 0.75*12)/21.25Kg(including 2.5” hard disk 0.25*12)
Cabinet: 280Kg+27.25Kg*number of nodes(12×3.5inch hard disk nodes)
Switching unit 10GE,25GE,40GEswitch
InfiniBand switch
GE switch
Software feature
Quota management Support directory quota, user quota and user group quota
Streamlined configuration Supported
ACL Supported
Multi-protocol sharing File system supports multi-protocol (CIFS/NFS/FTP/HTTP) sharing
NAS protocol support SMB 1.0/2.0/3.0, NFS V3/V4, FTP, HDFS, HTTP
NFS Support automatic fail over and automatic recovery; can be combined with NIS domain and LDAP domain to achieve permission control
CIFS Support automatic IP switch and automatic recovery when a failure happens (if the application supports retry mechanism); can be combined with AD domain to achieve permission control
NFS/CIFS HA High availability of external protocol
Management of CIFS Shared Rights Assign read and write permissions for CIFS sharing to local user/user group/domain users
WORM Supported
Access audit NFS/CIFS access audit supported
Transparent fail-over Supported
Dynamic storage tiering Supported
Balanced client-connected load Supported
Automatic capacity balancing  Supported
Recycle bin Supported
Asynchronous remote replication Supported
Online capacity expansion of file system Supported
Client API Support Linux private client mounting
SNMP Supported
Supported domain AD domain, NIS domain, LDAP domain
IPSAN Block storage interface, snapshot, cloning
Amount of file system Single namespace
File system size Up to 1024PB
Maximum files in a single directory 20 million
Maximum file and object size File:128TB,Object:48.8TB
Block size Default block size is 4MB,can be adjusted to 1MB,2MB,4MB,8MB,16MB
Cache acceleration Supported
Server SAN Hyper-Converged deployment form
S3 object protocol Supported
Swift object protocol Supported
HDFS API Hadoop big data analysis interface
RDMA InfiniBand RDMA mechanism
Hard disk mis-unplug prevention If the hard disk is mis-unplugged, plug it back in 5 minutes, then it can continue to be used as a data hard drive 
User password management Supported
Operation log management Operation log can be queried and sorted in the interface
Log management Log compression Automatically compress and dump system logs
Log collection Supported
Alarm management Alarm report Supported
Alarm export Supported
Alarm sequence Supported
Alarm clear Supported
Alarm filtering Supported
Event report Supported
System pre-installation Supported
Management mode Support graphic interface management
Management interface Support CLI management mode
Alarm method Support Alarm method like SNMP and Syslog
Compatibility list For detailed information, please see the compatibility list
Environment Specifications
Operating temperature 5℃-35℃ (-60m~1800m); at an altitude of 1800m ~ 3000m, the temperature decreased by 0.6℃ for each 100m decreased
Storing temperature -40℃ to +70℃
Operating humidity 20%~80%R.H.
Highest operating altitude -30.5m ~3000m;
Noise Environmental temperature 25℃,< 72dBA


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