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Cabinet and Cooling System

Краткое описание продукта:

A typical IT complex infrastructure include multiple technologies, like air-conditioning, power distribution, automatic measure and control, interference countermeasures, network communication, air purification, fire protection, construction facilities, esthetic design, etc.

Taking advantage of over a decade long experience in HPC system infrastructure design and deployment at home and abroad, after Inspur engineers perform the feasibility study, on-site investigation and considering green environment protection, create a really intelligent information data processing center design.


TS4280C Water-Cooling Racks

High density: 42U single rack with a cooling capability of over 40KW, PUE=1.3~1.5

Super silent: Unique silent design, 80% ventilation rate, less than 75DB noise level

Easy deployment: This product IT Data and Cooling racks are designed for one-step seamless installation

High reliability: EC high efficient vortex blower with 5+1 redundancy, and condensate water triple protection

Graphic interface: offers interactive menu, password protection function, LCD screen warning and remote monitoring support










Air-Cooling Rack TS4280 /TS4220

National Standard 42U, 19" OEM rack supports cabinet adjacent combination; cabinet complete disassembly, load-bearing ≥ 1000KG.

The rack uses cold-roll steel sheets, the rack surface use static electricity plastic cover spraying, and the front and back doors use bee-hole design. TS4220 has 70% ventilation rate and TS4280 over 80%.

Cabinet both side cable routing facilitates the combination and easy management of high-density cables with up and down wiring. Routing ducts can be closed and cable routing and sizes can be adjusted as needed.










The KVM system is used to access and control numerous computers together.

This product use serial KVM switching system, saving a lots of cables and computer room space by connecting a number of target computers serially.

Integrated 8-channel input multiplexer voiding the need for multiplexer extender

Uses universal serial bus to save lots of cables and computer room space










Load Balancer

Inspur TS8650G3/TS8650G2A Load Balancer is based on Inspur concept of flexible deployment and targets high-scalability and high-availability network services.

This is a third-generation hardware load balancing product that Inspur developed by integrating many mature technologies.

It meets the demands from government, educational institutes, telecommunication, ISP, ICP and enterprises for load balancing of their websites, FTP, DNS, VOD (Video on Demand), video monitoring, office automation, etc.




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